Michelle's Fit Club
Energy Boosting Snack Suggestions

By Michelle Ishio (Resident Post Pregnancy Rehab Specialist and Fitness Expert)

Hear are some food suggestions that will give you an energy boost without the energy crash...

You're body's speedy energy source is carbohydrates, but the key is eating the right kinds of carbs.

Don't forget to read the "additional suggestions" below for other tips on keeping your energy levels up.

Energy Foods:


Whole grain crackers and little peanut butter

Edamame (soy beans)

Handful of nuts and dried fruits

Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese



Tomato sandwich

Additional Suggestions:

Keep your carb levels balanced so you can avoid sugar spikes, which means energy high's and drops. Eating more frequent smaller meals and snacks helps because your body starts to have sugar drops about 4 hours after eating; So if you make sure that you are re-fueling around that time, you can sustain good energy.

Don't skip breakfast. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism off to a strong start and usually curbs those night time snaking.

Remember whole grains, which aid in the metabolic production of energy since it is packed with Vitamin B.

Make sure you are getting adequate Iron intake since that is also an energy boosting mineral.