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Motivation versus Discipline. Become more Disciplined.

By Michelle Ishio (Resident Post Pregnancy Rehab Specialist and Wellness/Fitness Expert)

by itself has little to do with the full scope of anyone's success.

Motivation comes and goes. Because motivation taps so greatly into our "emotional brain", it fluctuates.

Motivation is dependent on situation. When a support system is in place, or a partner is available, or money is plenty, or etc, motivation is easier to maintain. What happens when any of that is gone, or intermittent? It can affect motivation, to the point that it may not exist for a span of time, or exist anymore.

Motivation only goes so far. People seek motivation; putting together an activity group/partner, reading a book, watching a show, attending a work-shop. So now, people are motivated, but then what? Motivation doesn't always mean action, or more importantly, consistent action.

Motivation is a start, and helps spark forward movements through-out your process, but it takes discipline to carry you through all the way.

Here is why it's so important to FOCUS MORE on Discipline.

Discipline is not dependent on emotions. It doesn't matter if you feel like it, or your partner can't make it, or the extra money isn't available. You will find a way to move forward some way or another.

Discipline is intentional. It is every single time. It is not emotional. It is consistent. This is what makes discipline, discipline, and the key for any goal to succeed over most any other character trait.

Discipline will give your consistent results, for your consistent work. How motivational is that?...yes, a re-uptake of motivation; a spark for forward movement, through-out your process :-).

So You Want To Be More Disciplined.

Decide if it's really worth it. Any thing you choose to do, you are always having to sacrifice, so figure out what you will have to sacrafice upfront.

Also, don't waste your time starting, and quitting, and repeating that process over and over again. It's not good for your self-esteem or confidence. When you finally find what's worth it to you, you don't need low self-confidence with completing tasks/goals getting in the way at that point.

Stop making excuses. They are useless. Period.

Take emotions out of the equation. You have to program yourself like a computer. You already made a decision, (based off many factors, including emotions), and now you simply have to "do", because you have to "do". Discipline has nothing to do with your feelings.

Create a schedule. Stick to it. You need to create a routine. We all have busy lives, especially when there is a demanding job and/or kids involved. Something will always get in the way. So schedule yourself, like you schedule things for your job, and your family.

If you feel stuck, remember why you decided it's important, it's worth it, you are worth it.

Feel how it would feel when you accomplish your milestones, and/or complete your entire goal.

Keep Going, Don't Stop, Keep Going!

Michelle Ishio, Womens Fitness