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Quick 15 Seconds Tip for Upper-back Posture

By Michelle Ishio (Resident Post Pregnancy Rehab Specialist and Fitness Expert)

Whether it's as a result of pregnancy, or just a bad habit that was developed through the years, and even though you make efforts to "straighten out" your posture here and there, seems as though the minute you stop thinking about your posture, your body wants to go back to the hunched over posture.

The general concept on what you need to do to "train" your body for better posture is to stengthen the weak posture muscles, (your upper-back), and stretch out the over-tight muscles, (your chest).

Here is a quick tip that you can add to the strengthening and stretching that supports your posture, and it's a tip that you can do just about anywear that you are sitting, (office chair, driving in a car, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, etc). The strengthening and stretching is great for your posture, but you need to practice the movements of good posture, since that's the actual application of improving your posture.

Here is the simple tip:

While sitting is a chair, place your hands gently on you lap face down.

Now sit up as tall as you can, drawing your shoulders BACK as far as you can, and DOWN as far as possible.

Once in this position, now gently draw your chin back, stopping when your ears are over your shoulders. 

Continue to hold this position for 15 seconds; while self-checking the continuous pulling of your shoulders back and down.

Do 3 sets of 15 seconds.

If you want a little more stretch, do exactly what you just did, except this time, once your shoulders are pulled back/down, and chin are pulled back, gently turn your chin towards one shoulder, then move the chin towards the other shoulder. Remember to constantly self-check yourself throughout the entire time with pulling your shoulders back/down, and chin back.