Take the Stress Out of Fitness

By Michelle Ishio - (Resident Post Pregnancy Rehab Specialist and Fitness Expert)

Don't weigh yourself for many months after having your baby.
Even with the best of athletes that get back into competition form, the last 5 pounds or so wants to stick around for months after the "9 months to recover" that many people always quote. What matter's to us is the way we look and feel right? So let's focus on that.

Get past toxic guilt.
Know that it is something that is all in your head. You are being harder on yourself than is warranted. All the guilt is going to do is make whatever you are going through unnecessarily harder on yourself. It needs to stop and give credit where credit is due. Just as much as you can convince yourself to feel bad, you can just as much make yourself feel better...it is all in your control.

Tame any emotional and hormonal eating binges
Figure out what will work for you, and you need to do it now. Don't wait for something "full-proof" before trying anything at all...It doesn't have to be "full proof", in the mean time it simply has to make it better.

Be Realistic with your motivation problems

Face it. It doesn't make you right or wrong, everyone goes through it, even the World-class athletes. You already know what will help, so get on that page...Exercise with a partner...Exercise in the mornings before you end up ditching at night...Exercise at night when you know that morning won't work, why carry that guilt all day of having ditched...Play with your kids outdoors if you are short on time, something is better than nothing and it teaches them a great habit too.

Write your goal statement
Don't just write it, add photo's, put it in a frame, and hang it up where it is displayed like artwork. You are artwork, your goals are artwork. When you see it everyday, it reminds you of your commitment to yourself.

Have a plan
Don't just write a goal statement. Write down 1, 2, 3 on exactly how you will do it. Remember it needs to be realistic...and remember to you must work around your motivational hindrances.

Give yourself a weekly check-up
Yes, every week. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Simply check if you are on your plan, you 1, 2, 3. Modify anything you need to. When modifying, be realistic. Remind yourself that your goal is important, it is a priority, and other's depend on you reaching your goals in many ways.


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