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Top 5 Benefits of Prioritizing a "Good Attitude" for Your Health.

By Michelle Ishio (Resident Post Pregnancy Rehab Specialist and Fitness Expert)

1. A good attitude will Raise your Confidence :

How did it feel after you finished a work-out that you fought hard to do in the first place? How did you feel when you weren't sure you could
accomplish something new, went for it, and successfully completed it?

When you keep a good attitude, you will most likely go for things, and most of the time, you will succeed at them as well.

The more you accomplish, the more you’ll believe in yourself.

2. A good attitude will have you Be More Patient:

When you think in terms of a big goal, with smaller check-point goals, it will reinforce patience, and discipline, when you see that the finish line is getting closer day-by-day. Before you know it, not only did you succeed, but you actually enjoyed, and gave yourself credit along the whole path.

Being patient ke
eps your mood and stress hormones in check, so your daily hurdles won't reck havoc on your long-term health for your body, or mind.

3. A good attitude will
Remind You of your Purpose:

It is important to remind yourself on a regular basis that you deserve the goal you are trying to achieve. Envision yourself "running towards the finish line", and how you look, how you feel, and all the people along the edges cheering you on.

When you know you are worth it an can envision yourself, you have a reason to do what you do.

4. A good attitude is important For your kids...and your Grand kids.

They will learn from your actions with discipline, your reactions to set-backs, and your over-all spirit.

What they sub-consciously learn will be something they pull-from when it comes time for them to face any obstacles or goals. By keeping a good attitude, you kids will inherit a great gift.

5. A good attitude will affect your Power of momentum:

Momentum builds quickly and the more you gather, the smoother the ride.